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At Eventus International, we are committed to fostering a responsible and forward-thinking approach to the gaming industry. Our conferences and exhibitions are an educational platform designed to explore the potential and legal opportunities within the industry, especially in dynamic markets.

We strictly adhere to the principle of promoting legal and regulated gaming practices. It is important to clarify that The SPiCE series does not condone, endorse, or facilitate any form of illegal gaming activities. Our events serve as a platform for open discussion about the future regulation of the industry, aiming to eliminate the black market and ensure player protection.

We welcome participation from brands that are legally licensed in various jurisdictions, offering them a stage to demonstrate what they could potentially bring to the market upon the legalisation of the industry. This participation does not imply our endorsement of any current unregulated activities within any specific country. We also encourage the participation of local government to foster a healthy discussion between all stakeholders.

Our goal is to aid in the development of a regulated, safe, and ethical gaming environment. We believe that through regulated frameworks, the industry can operate in a manner that is fair, transparent, and beneficial for all stakeholders, including protecting the interests of players.

For any inquiries or further information about our compliance and ethical standards, please contact:

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